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Imagine having the most highly rated fitness grips on the market.

Now imagine that you only have to buy them once, and if they ever wear out you get a replacement as many times as you need, over and over forever.

Now All You Need To Do Is Register Them!

StrongerRx FOREVER GRIPS Program

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This is the NEW StrongerRx FOREVER GRIPS Program

How It Works:

When you purchase our StrongerRx FOREVER GRIPS Program you get our latest SRX LT.15 grips that are backed by our unique 100% lifetime replacement plan.

Any time they wear out you can return them for a replacement, no questions asked!

You simply send your old grips in for replacement and get new ones in return, just cover the shipping.

Whenever we upgrade our grips, you will get the latest edition of our award-winning grips backed by the SRX FOREVER GRIPS program.

In fact, the NEW StrongerRx LT.15 is only available for the FOREVER GRIPS Program.

So never worry about your hands again because StrongerRX FOREVER GRIPS has you covered Forever!

The New StrongerRx LT.15’s are the Most Advanced Functional Fitness Grips ever, preferred by performance athletes worldwide and now you can have them forever!*


  • Designed for ultra long-lasting grip and protection
  • Made with Perma-X lightweight material for long life
  • Flexible with great ventilation keeps you cool
  • Silicone non-slip grips on the palm helps to reduce slips & falls
  • Reduces hand fatigue – helps you stay longer & stronger
  • Prevents calluses from tearing & scarring
  • Saves your hands – prevents skin tears and abrasions
  • Touchscreen compatible for your portable devices
  • Superb Ergonomic design
  • Replacement Any Time

Don’t have your own StrongerRx FOREVER GRIPS? Get them Right Now!

Already have your SRX FOREVER GRIPS and need a replacement? Be sure they are registered, and just pay the shipping before your return them.

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